From a passion to a creation

It’s in the beautiful region of Alsace, in a small town called Saint Louis located in the heart of the border triangle of France, Germany and Switzerland, that I founded the "Savonnerie Basant". The creation of this artisanal soap factory is the fruit of my passion for soap.

Due to persistent skin problems, I became particularly interested in cold saponification of organic vegetable oils. Inspired by the knowledge of medicinal plants that has been passed on to me from my mother, I chose to turn to alternative, healthier and more natural ingredients.

A clear mission

Because of my personal history, I aim to create artisanal soaps that are beneficial for the skin and respectful of the environment. With this goal in mind, I have developed unique formulations without compromising on the ingredients or the manufacturing methods. All the organic vegetable oils I use are therefore cold-saponified to preserve all their beneficial natural properties as well as the moisturizing vegetable glycerin. These oils being present in large quantities in the formulations make it possible to obtain so called “superfatted soaps”.

Sharing a vision

I regularly exhibit my soaps in various cities such as Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Saint-Louis, Annecy and Biarritz. Through these exhibitions I am able to present my work and inform and educate the visitors on the benefits of natural cosmetics. My ambition is to promote a more conscious approach to beauty and well-being and in so doing raising the awareness about the harmful effects of certain industrial fragrances and colorants used in cosmetics.

The future of the Savonnerie Basant

The Savonnerie Basant embodies my commitment to natural ingredients, high manufacturing quality and respect for the skin. 

The first soap “L’ombre étoilée” has already received the highest scores on applications and consumer sites like INCI Beauty (20/20), Yuka (100/100) and UFC Que Choisir (A). I am currently working on the production of other superfatted soaps, certain enriched with hand-extracted organic aloe vera gel. Others will include organic high-quality vegetable oils such as macadamia oil, argan oil, castor oil or rosehip oil. 

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Antan Baskaran